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Do you have a Facebook page dedicated to promoting your business?  Have you ever taken a step back and evaluated whether it includes key content and links to get the most out of each visitor?  Here is a really simple infographic I have just used to reference against our business Facebook page.  We performed well in the design and ‘talking’ aspects but our content does need some more ‘TLC’!

How does your business Facebook page stand up to the evaluation?


I came across this cool infographic with tips on promoting your blog posts and found it really interesting so thought it was well worth sharing!  Once you press ‘publish’ on a blog post, it often feels like it disappears into a black hole so it’s great to have different ideas on how to get your word out to people.  Enjoy…

How Long Does it Take to Build an App?

 I’ve always been curious as to what is involved in building a smart phone app, how long it takes and (most importantly) how much it costs. I found this infographic while surfing Twitter which breaks down what is involved in taking an app from conception through to release. Sure, you have to take the time frames with a grain of salt as it’s without context, but for an app building virgin such as myself it is interesting if only to get an understanding of the steps involved.

I’d be interested to hear from anybody who has been through the process of building an app for marketing their business and the lessons you learnt from your experience.

Note: If you want a larger view of the infographic, click the link below it.

It never rains social media infographics but it pours, well two in as many days anyway!  I also found this on (my personal favourite social media platform) Twitter.  It’s shorter and possibly sweeter (I don’t like to pick favourites!) than the infographic I found yesterday.  It can be broken down into 3 key points of interest;

– 1/3 of companies utilizing social media are not measuring results.

– Linkedin is the most successful social media platform for generating leads.

– Twitter is the most popular social media platform that companies use.

Infographic: Social Media Tactics in B2B Marketing - Pardot Infographic

Embedded from the Pardot Blog

While on my standard morning trawl through Twitter, I came across this interesting infographic about how organizations are structuring their social media teams. As a small business growing a brand, committing resources to social media seems like a no brainer. But with a small team, the most difficult part is working out who has the time and expertise to shoulder the burden. After all, getting social media right comes down to consistent perseverance, listening and interacting with your audience. So this might help point you in the right direction. Enjoy…