Sharing thoughts, ideas and tips from my own experiences managing at a small business.

In addition to using this blog as an outlet for my thoughts, I have the long term goal of creating an online community for managers of SME’s to interact with and access information, advice and learn from others in similar roles and situations.

I have personally found some of the best ideas and inspiration to improve our business have come from networking with others at events.  Sharing and learning from one another is the best way to strengthen our own knowledge base and businesses.

The unfortunate reality is that, as a manager in a small business it is extremely difficult to find time to attending networking events regularly in person.  Even if you get to along to them, what is the likelihood of speaking to all the people in the room who have advice or information that is useful to you?

By creating a place for SME managers to go for advice, to join in discussion forums, post their own experiences and generally interact with one another online, I hope to break down these walls and create a resource that will connect you with people in similar situations, all around the world.

While only a dream at the moment, this blog is my first step on the way to creating a community that will benefit all involved.


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