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Category Archives: Love Thy Customer

You are a sales rep and you get a call on Christmas Eve from a customer with a problem. Do you…
A) Find out the problem and make the calls to get it sorted.
B) Find out the problem and let them know that you’ll get it sorted as soon as you are back in the office.
C) Tell them you’re done for the year and fob them off to someone else to deal with.
Hopefully A, possibly B but for pity’s sake not C!

Unfortunately C reared its ugly head in our office today when a customer called looking for help after being told ‘sorry but I’ve finished for the year but give Jill a call’. Or to be commonly translated to ‘I’m on holiday and quite frankly don’t give a crap about your problems’.

For small businesses it is vitally important to connect with your customers, build relationships and give them the love they deserve. Unless you have a unique product it is unlikely you’ll be able to compete with the big boys on price so quality, customer service and relationships are the key to your growth and reputation.

When that phone call or email comes through at the wrong time, grin and bear it and just think of that old saying ‘the customer is always right’. Show your customers that you really do give a crap!