If you manage a small business, prioritizing your work tasks is absolutely essential.  Any manager in a small business has a never-ending and ever evolving ‘to-do’ list.  Identifying the most important jobs to get done can sometimes be as challenging as actually executing them. A simple business practice used by the late Steve Jobs can be easily modified to structure a regular review of your ‘to-do’ list. 

Jobs would ask his top people to submit a list of 10 things they needed to get done.  Once their list was completed he would tell them they could only do 3 of the tasks.  By doing so Jobs ensured his employees wouldn’t get lost in an endless list of work to get done, but focus on the 3 tasks that were absolutely necessary to get ticked off.

This simple practice provides a fantastic tool to evaluate your current work requirement situation regularly.  It may be a weekly or daily ritual (regularity will vary based on the complexity of the tasks you are working on) but put aside 5 minutes to review your ‘to-do’ list, highlight your 3 key tasks to complete and make these your focus until there is a tick beside each.  Repeat!  You’ll be surprised how a simple structure around getting things done can increase efficiency dramatically.  It’s also incredibly rewarding to find yourself completing work far more promptly.