So often I find myself working on big projects while getting frustratingly interrupted when ‘little things’ create big problems.

We manufacture food products so I am always vigilant about making sure our packaging stock levels are maintained. But recently a ‘little thing’ slipped through the cracks and almost caused big problems!

All our products include scoops for customers to measure out servings. These are sourced locally with a short lead time, so reordering is painless. But over the past couple of months, our production volumes have ramped up to the point that flexibility has gone out the window. Even a short stock out situation can severely impact productivity and cash flow. Recently this was highlighted when we wasted a significant amount of resources due to a reorder trigger level not being reviewed to take current demand into consideration. Such a ‘little thing’ cost us a lot!

A simple hiccup has led me to look across our business as a whole and put procedures around the ‘little things’ to make sure there is no chance of them becoming a big problem.